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of course it glazes over on some of those roads. here are areas you need to pay attention to if you're going to be out traveling.
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route 17 skyline drive and anywhere in the overpasses and bridges. that's where we will find the most treacherous passes. definitely make sure you take it easy. we've been hearing about the cold not only from this aspect but jean is joining us live. >> reporter: this cold weather is cold and it can be deadly. the latest report of the death of a homeless person is coming out of dublin. 184 beds are taken. tonight, no one will be turned away. the homeless and their pets are checking in at a shelter in san jose. >> anybody else? >> it's freezing outside.ñi it's very cold. >> tammy martinez is happy to be inside heading out bed rolls. she knows what it's like to sleep on the streets. >> terrible. your bones ache.
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your body hurts. cold sweats at night. >> reporter: three ehs life builder shelters are expanding the warning. five homeless people havexd+m-d in thei cold weather.ñr won't come in to a sheltezé& cfo some ofjf them don'tg isolated. i think they should. you have warm meals and beds. >> the wind chill factor and the cold, i don't think they get the whole big picture. >> reporter: robin spent the morning trying to convince people to seek shelter handing out blankets to people who stay outside. >> it's devastating. the cold weather can do açó lotf damage. i don't think they really realize it. we have solar blankets wrp th. >> reporter: supplies are running low. donations are coming in.
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>> just because it's the time of yore and i have warmtxi;áuáqñr and i see on the news all these people that are out there. >> reporter: people who need helpñi when it's cold. administrators at theñi shelter say teams will not be out in the field tomorrow handing out blankets, but they'll beçó out again monday. w3thank you. thousands of people are enjoyini the firstçó real ski weekend of the year. this is video from north star resort. officials say they have 21 trails open with seven lifts running. they could open in next couple of days. temperatures there one degree at the summit warming up to a balmy 20 degrees during the day. great for ski conditions but pretty cold out there. here is what it looks like at nearby squall valley. they have 20 inches of new snow. the weather here is mild in comparison to much of the rest
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of the country. there's heavy snow, ice andñl w brutal winds. in arkansas and texas hundreds of thousands of people are without power and temperatures are well below zero. many truckers decided to pull over and wait it out. >> here it comes. the storms have forced the cancellation of more than 400 flights in texas. that's effecting air travel here as well. at sfo 17 flights to the dallas area have been cancelled. at san jose international seven flights have been cancelled. oakland hasn't had any flights delayed or cancelled. here is what it looks like in grass valley.ñi if you see extremesx'r#bj weath a pictureñi an sendñrd÷f÷ i our.
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go to and you'll find a tab that says send pics. after being held for more than a month in north korea, an 85-year-old veteran is home. he arrived at sfo this morning and is resting with his family. you talked to newman's wife tonight? >> reporter: good evening. they have been living at a retirement home in paloñrñk'i a but they also own a home. they are still just trying to catch their breath after this whole ordeal.ñi in a photo taken thisñi afterno and sent to us by his ñihome, hs home relaxing on the porch with his wife. the couple was still reel and too tired to talk further about the ordeal. this morningçó ñ"ewman was gree
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by applause telling reporters he wó3ddelights to be back on u.s. >> it's been great homecoming. i'ma-i9tired, but ready to be w my family. >> reporter: yellow ribbons are still up at the palo alto retirement home where they reside and in the former neighborhood some of the couple's friends said they were overjoyed he was released. >> what are you going to do when you get home in. >> relax. >> reporter: newman thanks the swedish embassy. he refused to answer any questions about his treatment. they were released after former president bill clinton intervened. kenneth bay, a korean american missionary is still in a north korean jail and has been there for more than a year. north korean officials say they
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decided to release newman after he read a televised statement in which heñr apologized for his wk of training anti-guerillas during the korean war. >> will you go back again? >> probably not. >> reporter: the family said they were pleased to find out that newman had been freed and hoping the same for kenneth bay. newman said he would let us know when his father was ready to talk further. >> thank y5 the homecoming has gripped the bay area and much of the nation. we have more about his time in north k north korea and online. we're told there will be quite a few officers at the
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stadium and you might not recognize them. many will be dressed as seattle fans. there will be more decoy officers at this game than any other because of the rivalry. they are warning fans to resist the urge to try to take home a pieqe"of the stick since this is one of the last games there. >> two games left. it's very emotional for all of us. we want fans to respectsñi theñ niners andçó respect the stick. it's going toñr be a lot of dese or impulse to take a piece of the stick with you. don't do çóthat. we're auctioning. you can buy it. >> actually, it goes on sale monday for the general public. pair is going for more than $600 for two of those. new at 11:00, san ford is heading to the rose bowl again this year. the cardinal family beat the arizona sun devils. final score 38-14. they're expected to face michigan state or ohio state on
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january 1st. this is the first time sanford (#lkt(()háo back years since th 1970s. more coming up in the comcast sportsnet report. coming up, a delta flight made an emergencyçó landing aft taking off. the latest on the teenager whoñ died midair. the anniversary of pearl ñi harbor. volunteers work hard to make it a brighter holiday for kids.
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today marks the 72nd anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor and the number of survivors is getting smaller each year.ñi almost 2400 service members killed in the early morning surprise attack that drew the elta flight leaving seattle had to make an emergency landing after just taking off. an airline spokesman said a teenager died shortly after the plane left the runway. the pilot diverted the plane to spokane because it was the closest airport. the teenager died of natural causes. >> i saw a flurry of activity. they had oxygen, not masks, but like canisters. the flight attendants were trying to get those. the teenager was being carried to the back. >> some passengers took other
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flights and delta brought in another flight crew. a developing weather story. plenty of snow in the sierra foothills today. this was auburn. even though the heavy snowfall stopped hours ago people are facing another cold night. look at that snow coming in. we have a look at the forecast. all the snow and cold. all that stuff happening. >> definitely feels like the holidays around here. winds are changed and definitely kicked in. just about a week ago we were talking about 60s and 70s and now we're in the 30s for overnight lows. 32 degrees in the north bay. the thing we want to hone on here is that we're going to be looking at the potential for black ice as when he had towards the overnight hours into tomorrow morning. as you get out on those area roadways especially in the east bay headed over to the bay bridge and any other bridge and overpast that's going to be the trouble zone tomorrow morning. just because we saw rain this morning and a lot of that still sitting in the pavement and
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temperatures going below freezing, a lot of that water will freeze. even tomorrow morning starting off at 32 degrees. that's enough for some black ice on those roads even in the silicon valley. the peninsula very similar as well. we'll wake up with clouds and see full blown sunshine. not only for the south bay but san francisco. the north bay east bay all looking good. you'll notice again temperatures start the day in north bay and even in the trivalley very close to çófreezing. it's going to be very treacherous to head out tomorrow morning. we had an area of low pressure to move through. that's continuing to pump in that arctic air that continues to remain bottled up. tonight trtss expected to bottom out near 25 in napa. 28 in concord. south bay, san jose expected to be down to 32 degrees.
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tomorrow night gets even colder under clear sky. napa going down to 21. 27 in san jose. here's the thing. all of the rain we saw this morning, the potential for black ice remains on those roads. that will be the case through tomorrow morning at about 9:00, 10:00. with black ice you can't really see it. the only hint you can have is the pavement may look a little wet. tomorrow morning as you head out, if you notice that, keep in mind there could be black ice and pay attention to those other drivers around you because we always say it's never our faulting right. what to expect. the coldest of the weather will come tomorrow night where temperatures will be back to 20 degrees. keep the pets and plants inside and remember to take care of your own self. thank you. it will be a happier and healthier holiday for thousands
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of bay area kids. more than 1,000 volunteers from silicon's valley biggest companies raced against the clock to build 2300 bikes in just under five areas. the bikes will be given to children in low income families. it helps them develop a lifelong habit of regular exercise. also bikes are always at the top of the wish list. >> we live in the heart of silicon valley, electronic, game boys. that's not what the kids want. what they want number one is a bike. >> turning wheels for kids is the sponsor. since 2003 volunteers have built 23,000 bicycles for bay area children. brody, i know your top story is high school winning. how did you get that in there?
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>> nice plug. breaking a franchise record. bad kid. he rides again in san francisco. we'll have the details. the pac-12 championship for stanford. highlights and reaction are coming up next on nbc bay area. good morning nelly! woah. hey! have you ever tried honey nut cheerios? love 'em. neat! now you on the other hand... you need some help. why? look atchya. what is that? you mean my honey wand? [ shouting ]
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[ splat ] come on. matter of fact. [ rustling ] shirt. shoes. shades. ah! wow! now that voice... my voice? [ auto-tuned ] what's wrong with my voice? yeah man, bee got swag! be happy! be healthy! that's gotta go too. ♪ hey! must be the honey! [ sparkle ] sweet.
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i want to take you back to november 3rd, 2010. it wasn't that long ago that was the last time the warriors baets the griz lzliegrizzlies. you have to go back to 2008, the last time they beat the grizzlies. tonight third quarters warriors up. franchise history as the warriors snap the losingñi stre1 >> i didn't think about itñr during the game. to pass jason, it's a cool feeling. i'm a proud warrior. some kind of record is pretty cool.
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>> number seven san ford taking on number 11, arizona state. he will go all the way to pay dirt. 69 yards for the touchdown. that's with theu cardinalñi on board. punches it into the end zone. his third touchdown of the half. 38-14. that punches the ticket to them for the 100 rosexdñi bowl. >> we had two bumps in the road. e seniors, you heard shane talk about it. they never stopped believing. they said let's keep our head down. let's win as many games as we can and see where we are at the end of year. here we are at the end of the year going to the road bowl. >> third quarter up 28-3. here is antwon kuser.
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hooe take a 67 yards to the house. that's the 22nd ncs section title. who could forget bat kid? today he was back. braved the bayñr fund-raiser. i also have this tip. $e might be making an appearane at tomorrow's 49er game as they take on the seahawks. we'll leave you with developments from the law plog that uncovered a statement alleging that major league baseball has rejected thexd children.
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[ whistle ] >> children! >> liesl. >> friedrich. >> luouisalouisa. >> kurt. >> gretl. >> and i'm denise. [ cheers and applause ] >> denise, denise. please get back in line denise. go.

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